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1517 Broadway Street
Clarksville, IN

1519 Broadway Street
Clarksville, IN

1421 Cedar Street
Clarksville, IN

1425 Cedar Street
Clarksville, IN

1427 Cedar Street
Clarksville, IN

1455 Cedar Street
Clarksville, IN

1455 Cedar Street Suite F
Clarksville, IN

2115 Coopers Lane
Jeffersonville, IN

1421 East Elm Street
New Albany, IN

609 East Utica Street
Sellersburg, IN

628 Eastern Boulevard
Clarksville, IN

632 Eastern Boulevard
Clarksville, IN

1501 Ekin Avenue
New Albany, IN

3417 Grant Line Road
New Albany, IN

4601 Hamburg Pike
Jeffersonville, IN

11452 Highway 62
Charlestown, IN

1442 Horn Street
Clarksville, IN

1444 Horn Street
Clarksville, IN

1446 Horn Street
Clarksville, IN

490 Jane Sarles Ln
Clarksville, IN

1200 Madison Street
Clarksville, IN

1103-1109 Market Street
Charlestown, IN

1401 Mitchell Avenue
Jeffersonville, IN

1415 Mitchell Avenue
Jeffersonville, IN

1415 Progress Way
Clarksville, IN

651 S. Commerce Drive
Seymour, IN

504-512 S. Main Street
Leitchfield, KY

1422 Vaxter Avenue
Clarksville, IN

1450-1452 Vaxter Avenue
Clarksville, IN

1440 Veterans Parkway Court
Clarksville, IN

Featured Property
Property: 1440 Veterans Parkway Court
City: Clarksville, IN
County: Clark (Indiana)
Aerial Map: Veterans Parkway
Lot #: 14
Sq Ft: +/- 23,062.00
Sq Ft Available: +/- 9,000.00
Exterior: Brick - EFIS
Flooring: Adaptable
Foundation: Concrete
Fuel Type: Gas
Heat: Adaptable, any approved system
Parking: Yes
Road: Paved
Sewer: City - 6
Sprinklers: Yes
Building Style: Steel beam construction
Units: Adaptable
Water: City - 2
Water Heater: Adaptable, any approved system
Year Built: 2011

I-65 to Veterans Parkway Exit. - Clarksville, Indiana.


Available space is ready for tenant finish, suitable locations for variable square footage. 


1-story retail building, Strong traffic counts and excellent visibility from I-65

Availability: Yes
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